Sunday, May 8, 2011


Well, I finished this semester of school!!! :) YAY!!! Unfortunately summer school starts in 2 weeks :P
My life has been CRAZY as of late. So much stuff going on. I have been put to tests spiritually, emotionally, and physically and they  haven't been easy. I cannot complain for God has given me sooo much! He has blessed me abundantly. Too often I let things get to me. They start taking away my joy and robbing me of the happiness that God has for me. I am not perfect and those around me are not perfect. I lose my joy in Christ and just in life when my world is turned upside down. People can be deceptive, malicious, depressed...etc... and they can let you down. The choices of the ones you love can often effect you in ways that no one would imagine.... They can hurt you and put you down, but they are not usually all bad. They can love you, teach you, guide you....  I need to strive to not let the world effect me in such ways. I need to keep my eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of my faith. He loves me so much more than I can even comprehend and He has plans for me.

Happy Mothers Day to everyone!!! :)

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