Monday, September 23, 2013

Teaching for the Outcome

One of my new favorite quotes is "Teachers teach for the outcome not for the income." I love this!! So often in this day in age teachers are just completely worn out and many of them now hate their job. I understand their frustration, but I never want to be that way. I want to be able to look past the politics and be able to see my students for the amazing people that they are. I love to teach and I love my school, I love my kids, I love being able to get up in front of them and share my passion for learning. I know I am making at least a small impact when I come in the room and they all yell "YAY! Miss Burt is here!!" They make my face and my heart smile. I love that they feel that they can come to me at any time. When I wanted to become a teacher I said that it would all be worth it if I could change the life of at least one kid. I do not know that I have done this yet, but I do know that they have touched me and given me even more of a heart for teaching. This is a bit of a jumbled mess,but I am getting back into my blog and I felt that that needed to be said :)

I will post soon! :)
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Doors closed or opened?

I know I have talked numerous times about different things that God has done for me, but what about what I have not done for myself? Yes, I did word that correctly in putting the word NOT in the middle of that sentence. Got it? What I mean by this is I have tried to do sooo sooo soooooooo many things by my own fruition and now and then things work out, but the times where things work out perfectly and where I find myself truly blessed by God are the times where I have done nothing at all and yet He (being my awesome God) pours out blessing after blessing, that I do not deserve, upon me. There was more than one thing over the last few months that I was really trying for and I really wanted to be able to do. None of those things came to be and I felt like God had wanted me to try for these things, but all I was finding that these doors kept closing, sometimes even slamming shut. I knew that God is good and that He really does want the best for me, but I did have to ask Him why? Why did this not work out when I was so sure You wanted me to go for it? Well, answers came! He showed me clearly why those things were not for me right now and it ended up being a really good thing that they did not turn out the way I had originally wanted them to. I would have missed out on a lot if what I had wanted had come to be! (Sorry if this is to criptic to understand. I do not want to go into details I just want to get across a basic message). He not only showed me why He did not want those things for me, but He also richly blessed me and brought me opportunities that I would have only dreamed of having and He keeps on bringing them! Things that I knew now I KNOW! He may want you to learn something through trying. He may close the very doors you thought He was opening, but His will is always the very best and the things that He gives you are going to amaze you! :)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Two Years minus Two Days!

I was looking at my blog today when I saw that my first post was two years years ago minus two days! That seems like forever ago! Everyone said that college would fly by, but like a college kid I did not believe them... Well, I admit it, they were right! I graduate in December and yet I still remember the first day that I was sitting in a college classroom. I was so nervous and I was praying that I would not fail college! Also, yesterday was my last day teaching at my first school. I have been at that school for a year and yesterday was the culmination of working with all my students, my master teacher and the other teachers at the school. I am at a new school this fall and I cannot believe that I wont be with my kids from this year again! They are all so dear to my heart and I already miss them so much! My master teacher and I were reflecting on this past year and both of us were thinking back to when we first met and we were both wondering if we would work well together and how everything would go. I loved being at that school and I loved working with my teacher! I guess I am just trying to believe that I am grown up, almost done with college, and moving on in life. Don't get me wrong I have done great in college and I have really enjoyed meeting so many new people whom I now call friends, and I did enjoy learning much of what I learned. I just cannot believe that it is almost over! I thank God for the opportunity I have had to go to college and for everything He has taught me and done for me in college! Also, thank you to everyone who has been reading the ramblings of a college kid for the last, almost, two years! :) I appreciate all the comments, suggestions, and those of you who have shared my blog! :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Based off of my title you are probably thinking that I am about to admit to a terrible crime, but that is not the case! :) I simply wanted to grab your attention and tell you about something I have learned this past semester. So, I did not do it, well, I did, but then it didn't turn out and then He did.... Sort of long story, but I will shorten it by a few months! Basically at the beginning of this year there were some really exciting opportunities coming up and I had prayed about them and I thought that they were for me. I however did not end up in these things that I was so excited about. I was disappointed, but I knew that God always has a plan, and even though I was not necessarily happy with what He had decided I also knew that He had never let me down before and that no matter what happens everything has worked out. Well, I still am not really sure why those doors closed, but God brought along some amazing opportunities. This fall I am going to be at a school that I had only dreamed of getting to teach at and certainly never thought that these dreams would  come to anything. They were just that, dreams, and yet God brought this opportunity to me and laid it in my lap. I did not have to do a thing!
 Now back to the "I didn't do it" part. The doors that closed for me were things that I had been trying to do out of my own merit. Things that I worked for and I thought I could achieve on my own failed (miserably...) yet the things that I have really been blessed with this past semester are the things that God brought to me. The things that I had nothing to do with. I am amazed that after everything that I mess up on He still blesses me with such amazing opportunities, and yet I still complain when I find out I have some summer courses to take :P :) There are so many things I try to do on my own merit, but what I especially needed to see again is that it doesn't matter what I do it matters what He did for me. 

Thank you to those of you who read my mutterings! I really appreciate it! :) 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

253 days

So so so sorry that I haven't written in ages!!!! Being a college kid means being incredibly busy! Still I need to make more time to write! It is amazing what a few short months can change! I have 253 days till graduation!!! I am completely amazed at this! I was fresh out of high school such a short time ago and now I almost have my degree! I still remember sitting in my first college class rather terrified, and now I am sure to walk into class and say 'meh, I've got this.' I am amazed not only at how much has happened but how much I have grown (and not in height I am still only 5"7..). I used to pay that teachers wouldn't call on me! This wasn't because I didn't know the answers, buy rather because I was so incredibly shy. I have always been outgoing in small settings, but being in as large classroom where what you assay and do determines your grade I was not so find if at first. I could go on and on and on with everything that had changed in me since becoming a college student, but I will save that for my autobiography ;) I must say though that another thing that really amazes me is the number of people who follow me on here! I do not have a whole lot of time to blog and usually my posts are some random thought, but thank you to everything so has been reading! I greatly appreciate it and it gives me a good reason to keep writing.
I could not help but end this post with a humorous story! So here you go! :)
My for great old sister was in the car with me the other day when she asks me if it is true that 'girl mantises east boy mantises.I had to tell her that sadly it is true. She then says 'mantis, from kung fu panda says that he wants to settle down, like with a group, but H Hannah, I just don't think that that is a good idea at all!!!, she was so incredibly ernest that I felt bad laughing, but her concern for mantis was very touching. Probably a story told best in person, but humorous none the less!
Have a blessed April, though hopefully I will write again before. Then!

Hannah :)