Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Doors closed or opened?

I know I have talked numerous times about different things that God has done for me, but what about what I have not done for myself? Yes, I did word that correctly in putting the word NOT in the middle of that sentence. Got it? What I mean by this is I have tried to do sooo sooo soooooooo many things by my own fruition and now and then things work out, but the times where things work out perfectly and where I find myself truly blessed by God are the times where I have done nothing at all and yet He (being my awesome God) pours out blessing after blessing, that I do not deserve, upon me. There was more than one thing over the last few months that I was really trying for and I really wanted to be able to do. None of those things came to be and I felt like God had wanted me to try for these things, but all I was finding that these doors kept closing, sometimes even slamming shut. I knew that God is good and that He really does want the best for me, but I did have to ask Him why? Why did this not work out when I was so sure You wanted me to go for it? Well, answers came! He showed me clearly why those things were not for me right now and it ended up being a really good thing that they did not turn out the way I had originally wanted them to. I would have missed out on a lot if what I had wanted had come to be! (Sorry if this is to criptic to understand. I do not want to go into details I just want to get across a basic message). He not only showed me why He did not want those things for me, but He also richly blessed me and brought me opportunities that I would have only dreamed of having and He keeps on bringing them! Things that I knew now I KNOW! He may want you to learn something through trying. He may close the very doors you thought He was opening, but His will is always the very best and the things that He gives you are going to amaze you! :)