Thursday, May 10, 2012

Semester 5 DONE!

Well, semester five of my college career is now complete. As of yesterday at approximately 8 am in the morning I finished all of the work required for my minor in social studies! YAY! I am so happy to be done with school for the semester! :) This semester, like all semesters, has held  new challenges for me. This was my first semester at the University of New Mexico so even though I am used to college in general the new atmosphere definitely changed some things. This semester I was pick- pocketed, heard my professor yell in Spanish, and French. Saw people get a whistle blown at them till they woke up, found out how necessary coffee can be, and also how much I REALLY NEED my good Christian friends!( <(") and duck pond people, you know who you are!!!!) :) I learned and experienced many more things, but there isn't nearly the time to write about every single thing that happened! I took public speaking this semester which challenged me in numerous ways. I do not particularly like being in front of people, but for the most part I was able to get rid of any fear I had of speaking in public :) One day when I was talking to my professor afterwards about the way I speak she told me that even though my gestures and eye contact are not perfect it did not matter because when I spoke I had something important to say and people would listen to me. This meant a lot to me! A lot of the time I feel as though my voice does not matter, and that no one is going to listen to me, but knowing that some people do listen to me (btw thank you to all of you who read my blog (thus listening to my ranting :)! I greatly appreciate it!!) is really important to me. Also, my professor in that class is a Christian! How amazing is that!! :) In American Government I am not sure I can tell you in consolidated sentences about that class... It was a interesting. I learned some interesting stuff, but overall not a terribly exciting class. In Comparative Politics I had a prof who blew whistles, yelled in different languages and was a very......interesting. And before I lose my head on that one I believe I will stop! I have already ranted far to much about that teacher! And last, but not least Human Geography! It was a pretty good class. The material was interesting and the second prof was a really neat guy, and funny too! A little over a month ago our class got a brand new teacher because the other one had gotten really sick :/ I feel really bad for him, but I really, really, really liked our newer professor! On the final he put so many different puns and jokes! On one of the multiple choice questions he asked what decolonization is and one of the choices was "a surgery in which someone gets their colon removed" :D You can't get a much better final than one that has jokes in it! :) I met and got to know so many people this semester. Some people have really blessed me, and others have taught me new levels of patience, but God brought each of them into my life for some reason :) And again I would like to thank those who have kept me sane!! Thank you to <(") (I am not sure they want their name in here) my bestest friend of this world! And to my public speaking friends for making me laugh so hard I cried. And my duck pond friend who helped me escape and relax :D