Monday, January 23, 2012

College Classes

So, one of my readers asked me to write about what I have really learned in my college classes, so here goes! :) (I might add things that I have learned at college, but not in the class room)
1) English one isn't necessarily about learning a thing about writing. It is more of a feel good class that is ALMOST impossible to fail, though some still have....
2) When there is a former Nazi youth speaking about WWII don't say anything!!!!!! even if they beg for your input! (you will get yelled at in German... SCARY!)
3) Lockers spin Right twice, left twice, right once
4) For psychology just make sure you know about Pavlov and his drooling dogs... also about the fake jail.. Also, don't be surprised if your teacher runs into you at church.
5) Sociology...... ya... it is an easy class, but very weird.... I don't know that I really learned much of anything about sociology...
6) History is amazing, but peoples views can greatly differ.... I am continually amazed how 5 people can see one simple event so differently. If it is a more complex historical event... just don't
7) make sure you have paper clips and staples with you at all times!
8) if you have a foreign teacher biology can take on new meaning...
9) Class mates will lock you out of the classroom so beware and try not to make enemies
10) In some cases it is much quicker to walk up 4 flight of stairs instead of waiting for the elevator
11) (kind of goes along with 10) You can fit 10 people in a normal sized elevator... awkward....
12) Jihad doesn't necessarily mean war, it is a type of worship.....
13) NEVER touch underneath any desks or tables for any reason!
14) Wear tennis shoes most of the time.... your feet could be murdered!
15) beware of large backpacks they will get dropped on someone.
16) Botswana is a REALLy dry place in Africa
17) Cleopatra wasn't killed by a house snake
18) Alexander the great supposedly killed his father
19) If your minor is in social studies and you really love history you will have a billion history facts stuck in your head
20) If teachers yell at you then try and find a reason to laugh about it... It makes life much more pleasant
21) All CNM staff like cupcakes, especially the computer guys
22) Become friends with the janitors!
23) If the teacher says something funny then laugh even if it isn't funny
24) If you stare at a teacher without blinking for awhile the teachers eyes start twitching whenever they look at you
25) If you're going to throw something at someone in the room triple check that the teacher isn't looking... face palm
26) Some teachers really like guns....
27) Cater to what your teacher likes, but only if it doesn't compromise your own beliefs.
28) Carry chalk with you. If the teacher forgets sometimes they can end up very upset!
29) Don't read your textbooks in class. It doesn't make you look studious, the teachers just think you didn't do your work.
30) If the teacher isn't too creepy become friends with them :) It can really help at times!
31) The heater/ cooling systems in school never work right... Also, sometimes they squeek
32) The chacoan Indians are now the native Pueblo Indians
33) Some teachers LOVE youtube
34) Math is a most interesting class. You find out if the teacher really is nice or not pretty quickly, and it is one of the classes with the most drops...
35) make sure you have voice commands turned off on your phone.. in fact, make sure all noises, including vibrate, are off before you go in the classroom
36) Some people can't figure out that even though Berlin is in Germany it is a part of it... they aren't two separate places....
37)The wall did indeed fall!
38) democracy has many meanings and there are four confirmed views on it
39) I am smart because I counted all the way to 39!! :D
40) Colleges have some of the weirdest clubs
41) Be very careful when you walk were the skateboarders are... it could result in multiple injuries
42) Don't sit in wet grass
43) When you have a water bottle make sure you don't accidently get it replaced with a bottle of soapy water that contains glitter.... not good...
44) don't knit in class. I haven't, but people keep doing it and it makes all teachers nervous for some reason
45)The older your teachers are the more fantasies they will have..........
46) Look at your chair before you sit in it and make sure you don't lean forward so far as to fall off..
47) English teachers like scary movies
48) Art history is pretty boring
49) Music appreciation can be interesting... Specially when the teacher hands out feathers from her bird that her dog swallowed.. Also, we saw a movie were these evil kids blew up a frog...
50) Stalkers are everywhere, just look out your window
51) Triple check your class schedule with the number on the class door....
52) Have a supply of snacks handy at all times... Especially chocolate
54) In general it is a good idea to wait for the crossing light to turn green. Just in general though...

There are sooooo many things to say, but the gist of it all is that college is supposed to prepare you for life, and even though you might not learn a lot from your actual classes you will learn a lot about how to survive daily life without dieing :)

So, one last note 55) When someone has a mischievous look on their face and they have goat heads in their hand, it is likely that they will toss them over a banister and when you look down to see if it landed on anyone someone will look up at you with an angry look and your friend (the one who dropped the goat heads) will be laughing hysterically at you...

I end this note with the satisfaction that this will save someones life :D

Sunday, January 22, 2012


So, I just realized that I haven't posted on here in ages!!!! I'm sorry about that! These last few months seem to have just flown by! Things have been crazy busy, but so good! I am at a new school and I am involved in new and fun things :) God has so richly blessed my life! I am so excited to see what He is going to do with me this next year! This next semester is going to be pretty busy, though not bad, but God has put me right where I need to be. He has given me some of the desires of my heart and He shows me more and more each day just how awesome He is! One of my friends told me awhile back that the word awesome should only be used in context with God because He is the only thing that is truly awesome. I have to concur! :) I am filled with awe for the God I serve.
On Sundays I work with seventh grade girls after the main service. It is such a blessing to get to see them grow in Christ! Today was the first Sunday of the year that we have met as a small group and the excitement that everyone had was incredible! You can't deny that God is going to do something! I can't really express what all went on today, but it was truly awe inspiring to see that God is going to do something! I mean, I know that God is constantly at work, but you could just see that He has something really big planned and to think that I get to be a part of that is exciting, but also downright scary, but in a good way! :)
So, even though I have basically just rambled my way through this post I would like to end it with something of importance :) I just want to encourage all of you who are of Christ. He has got such big plans for all of us! I didn't even know what to title this post,  but all I can think of is how Big and great our God is! :)

Also, if any of you have anything you would like me to write about I thought I would open it up! :D So, please let me know if you have any suggestions! :)