Saturday, June 2, 2012


I do love to write, but at times I find that I do not know what you talk about! I could ramble on for hours on end about some topic that you could become very bored with or I could find something to inspire you about. Well, I have neither in my head right now in the moment, though you may already be thinking that I am rambling on.... Anyway! I just wanted to write for a little bit about all my blessings. Too often I complain about what I do not have or what has gone wrong, but I so rarely stop to count my blessings. First off I serve the most AWESOME God EVER!!! He is the creator of the universe (which I must add is very large ;) ) and yet He still cares for me! I am so unworthy. I constantly do wrong and though I would like to say I try, I fall short of the kind of follower He should have. I am not perfect, yet what continually amazes me is that He sees me as perfect! What a great deal! I love Him and try my best to honor and glorify Him, in my heart, thoughts, speech, and action and even when in my eyes I have failed yet again He still loves me and sees me as perfect! I cannot get any better than that :) And btw it is unconditional love! I do not have to DO anything to keep His love! It is MINE! :D Secondly my family! I come from a fairly large family, I have 7 siblings. They are all amazing in some way or another, and yes they sometimes bug me beyond belief, but I love them so much :) They do things to make me laugh, and when they get hurt in some way I will cry with them, but even the three year old teaches me things :) And I have the most amazing parents ever! They both love the Lord very much! My dad travels an hour to work and an hour home everyday so we can live where we do! My mom is superwoman! She runs a house with ten people in it and yet she still manages to save some time to spend with us each individually :) And again, I could ramble..... but to get to the point they are amazing :) Thirdly my friends. I have some who are really close, and others I only see and/or talk to every now and then, but I have some pretty neat friends :) They constantly bless and encourage me and when I am having a rough day they never cease to make me smile about something or show me a light at the end of my tunnel. They pray for me, laugh with me, tease me, love me, and help me and I do not think I could ask for better friends :) Thanks guys!!!! And the last thing I am going to talk about though I could go on and on about how blessed I am is my thankfulness for the church. It seeks to build me up and encourage me! and for anyone who may not know what I am talking about exactly here is how I see the church, The church is a body or bodies of believers whose common goal is to worship and please God, and even if I do not know someone I can pray for them with all my heart.
I am blessed beyond belief, though I do not always see that. May each of you count your blessings today and be blessed :)