Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Almost done!

Well, I am ALMOST DONE with semester one at UNM! It has been an interesting experience with both good and bad mixed in there, but I suppose most any experience in life will bring you a bit of both.
I am soooooo looking forward to summer! This will be my first semester off of school for five semesters! I am looking forward to the academic break! I will keep staying busy though! And I will write more! Which I have sadly not been doing enough of! I love to write, but sometimes after having to stare at a textbook for hours or listen to a particularly boring lecture I just can't seem to think of anything to write! Though I must admit that even with how much i am looking forward to summer I am also really looking forward to this fall. I start my student teaching and I actually get to be in a class room leaning to teach (I am I the only one who sees irony is learning to teach? being taught to teach...). When I went to my student teaching orientation the lecture that was given was quiet interesting! Tom Keys told us that being a teacher is the hardest job that anyone can have. Even a brain surgeon has an easier job, they are working on one brain, with lots of assistants, whereas teachers often times work all by themselves on around thirty brains. I had never thought of teaching in this light before.  Teaching is not a glamorous job, but the things that I love are plastic/ noodle necklaces, and pictures where I am extremely tall with flowers all around me on construction paper :) Anyway, now that I have wasted your time reading something that really isn't that important I wish all of you who are in school good luck with the rest of the semester and hope that you all have an amazing summer! :)