Friday, September 16, 2011

Hold me!

One of my top songs (as of right now :) ) is Hold Me by Jamie Grace (heres a link to the song). It is an amazing song and it talks about how God holds those who are His. At times I confess that I have a hard time. I question God. Where are You in this?? Why did this have to happen?? Last week on the 6th my mom dropped some cans of chicken on my foot COMPLETE ACCIDENT! and it broke the lower bone in my toe in half and left a gash that had to have stitches. I had to go to the ER and I didn't get home till around 2 am, then I still had to go to school the next morning. I had to be on full crutches for the last week and a half and now I am in a boot that is a bit irritating.  Some of my friends are going through tough stuff, and there are other issues in my life that have been going on for awhile that I just can't wait to be resolved. Worst of all I sometimes grow discontent... :/ BUT this song is amazing and is explains how I feel. I just LOVE the way God holds me! He loves me soooo much! I am His, and He is mine and nothing can ever change that. It is hard to comprehend why He would love someone like me, but that just adds to the wonder of Him. I am amazed. I am in love with Him and even when no one else is there to hold me I know that He is. Even with how much I love Him my love is sooooo finite. He loved me enough to die for me! yet, when I get a busted toe I complain?? :/ Rather lame of me... Thank goodness for His grace! The song says that "He takes each and everyday and makes it special in some way" how true! There is ALWAYS something I can rejoice in Him. What an AWESOME God I serve (though I am not the best at serving Him). I LOVE THE WAY HE HOLDS ME! ^_^ <3 <3 <3