Thursday, April 4, 2013

253 days

So so so sorry that I haven't written in ages!!!! Being a college kid means being incredibly busy! Still I need to make more time to write! It is amazing what a few short months can change! I have 253 days till graduation!!! I am completely amazed at this! I was fresh out of high school such a short time ago and now I almost have my degree! I still remember sitting in my first college class rather terrified, and now I am sure to walk into class and say 'meh, I've got this.' I am amazed not only at how much has happened but how much I have grown (and not in height I am still only 5"7..). I used to pay that teachers wouldn't call on me! This wasn't because I didn't know the answers, buy rather because I was so incredibly shy. I have always been outgoing in small settings, but being in as large classroom where what you assay and do determines your grade I was not so find if at first. I could go on and on and on with everything that had changed in me since becoming a college student, but I will save that for my autobiography ;) I must say though that another thing that really amazes me is the number of people who follow me on here! I do not have a whole lot of time to blog and usually my posts are some random thought, but thank you to everything so has been reading! I greatly appreciate it and it gives me a good reason to keep writing.
I could not help but end this post with a humorous story! So here you go! :)
My for great old sister was in the car with me the other day when she asks me if it is true that 'girl mantises east boy mantises.I had to tell her that sadly it is true. She then says 'mantis, from kung fu panda says that he wants to settle down, like with a group, but H Hannah, I just don't think that that is a good idea at all!!!, she was so incredibly ernest that I felt bad laughing, but her concern for mantis was very touching. Probably a story told best in person, but humorous none the less!
Have a blessed April, though hopefully I will write again before. Then!

Hannah :)

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