Monday, September 23, 2013

Teaching for the Outcome

One of my new favorite quotes is "Teachers teach for the outcome not for the income." I love this!! So often in this day in age teachers are just completely worn out and many of them now hate their job. I understand their frustration, but I never want to be that way. I want to be able to look past the politics and be able to see my students for the amazing people that they are. I love to teach and I love my school, I love my kids, I love being able to get up in front of them and share my passion for learning. I know I am making at least a small impact when I come in the room and they all yell "YAY! Miss Burt is here!!" They make my face and my heart smile. I love that they feel that they can come to me at any time. When I wanted to become a teacher I said that it would all be worth it if I could change the life of at least one kid. I do not know that I have done this yet, but I do know that they have touched me and given me even more of a heart for teaching. This is a bit of a jumbled mess,but I am getting back into my blog and I felt that that needed to be said :)

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