Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A box of memories

Everyone has memories
Some are happy,
Some are sad.
Some we never wish to remember.
There are those we wish we could live over and over again.
Yet, there are some
that belong in a box.
There they can  be put aside.
Perhaps brought out later and gone over,
but in that box they are out of sight,
out of mind,
but though we may be able to put memorabilia in a box
memories can never be contained.
They can be put under lock
under key,
but never contained.
They creep out when you least expect them.
That box of memories.
Things you cannot part with,
yet can't bear to look at.
Memories belong in boxes.
These boxes have locks,
they have keys.
These boxes are the only things that can truly hold memories.
Heart and mind
the only real memory keepers of any kind.

Another random attempt at writing that popped into my head during my science class :)

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