Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A random attepmt at writing....

She faked a smile and laughed
Sure that no one around her could guess 
how she was really doing behind that smile.
She had just lost something very precious.
This thing she did not own,
yet she none the less possessed. 
At one time she knew it was hers 
She didn't have to feign a smile.
But like a flower 
her real smile soon faded
for that thing which she had once possessed had faded out of her life.
The fading was slow, but it was also sure.
How fast it did fade.
She didn't expect it
Didn't want it to go away
Yet she continued to feign her smile as it slipped even farther away
taking part of her with it.
All of a sudden she realized it really was gone,
still there,
but no longer possessed by her.
She did not know who possessed it 
if anyone,
but it was gone
and she continued to smile on the outside
while on the inside she felt confused and lost.
Like a flower without a vase. 


  1. Beautiful work, Hannah!!! :D You should post more of this! :D

  2. Thank you Hannah!! I did use the word possessed to many times though :P :)