Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Biologie, pourquoi ne pas vous voir?

Biology, why can't you see??
So, why am I talking about Biology?? (btw the title is in French) Well, for my degree I have to take some Natural Science classes. This semester I am taking two, and one of them happens to be Biology. I am reading the text book right now and I am just amazed (not necessarily in a good way). This text book is biased towards evolution ( big surprise there). Anyway, I was reading along and it is going into how things are a bajillion and one years old, but then it said "close examination of a flower reveals that the parts are far from randomly organized." How does that work??? If everything just exploded then how can they say that something is "far from randomly organized." (In case you haven't already noticed I am on a soap box right now). Then they have the.. audacity to say that DNA are "blueprints" for organisms. If there are blueprints then someone made them right? The last set of blueprints I looked at didn't just evolve in front of me. It took an *intelligent being* to create it. So evolution scientists are saying that everything exploded, yet it all seems to have a plan and a purpose? It astounds me how people think. Evolution doesn't even make sense! There are as many ways of looking at evolution as there are years in evolution, but here is something interesting I have thought about. So, suppose everything did just *randomly* explode into earth. Then humans (or whatever we were then) started coming out of the primeval ooze. These creatures would have to evolve at approximately the same rate and they would have to be sexually compatible in order to reproduce and further evolve! I personally think that believing evolution is harder than believing that God made the world. Even the scientists who are against creationism are saying that things appear as though they didn't just "randomly" come into being. The book of Romans comes to mind right now. If you don't know what it says, then go and read it! :)

My fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, please be praying for me as I may have to choose my battles in these science classes (specifically biology). That I may honor God through the choices that I make and that I would stand strong and have the wisdom to respond about, and defend my faith. Thank you all! :)


  1. Hannah! I'm sorry to hear about this tough time in biology right now. Just stay strong, and remember that there are a lot of people (including me!) who completely agree with you! I'm praying for you! :) <3

  2. Tracy! So far it hasn't been tough, just highly irritating! Thank you Tracy!!!! I greatly appreciate it!!! :) <3 <3 <3