Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rise up

It breaks my heart to read, hear, and discuss the ways some people have fallen. There is a particular thing (I am not going to say what it is) that keeps popping into my life. First a man that was like a dad to me, then a family members, then a good friend. This thing is like a disease. All those I know who have been infected with it cannot seem to stop. It just breaks my heart and makes me want to scream and cry when I see the thing that has brought them low. This thing seems to hurt everyone it touches. It is uncaring and unfeeling. It leaves those who mess with it craving more yet knowing that more will not satisfy them. These people I love are being devoured. Some of them are fighting, and fighting hard against it, but they slip every now and then. I do not blame them for everyone has something that they do that they wish they didn't. This thing though, I wish I could kill it. To stop all the injustices it causes. To keep people from falling prey to it. Rise up people and pray that God will deliver this nation from her sins. Rise up against sin!
This is a bit different post than I typically do, but I really am broken hearted tonight as I discover what more this thing has taken from me. This monster is a raging volcano that cannot seem to be quenched. It is destroying lives. It has taken away happiness, it had brought good people down very low. This disease must be stopped! Pray for those who are infected, that they will find their cure in Christ and that the monster they are facing will have no appeal to them. Rise up and pray that those who have fallen will rise up themselves and take a stand against this monster. Rise up and fight people!!!!!!

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