Friday, April 1, 2011

Friends ^_^

Friends are such amazing things. There are so many definitions of friends... There are people I am still getting to know,but I love em and they make me laugh! There are people who I see at school all the time, and we are able to help each other out side of the class room with stuff in the classroom. There are people who are always building me up and encouraging me. There are those I laugh with and those I have cried with. There are so many people that have touched my life or helped me in some way whether it be big or small. There are also those friends that I cannot live without (though if any of my different friends were to disappear I would be VERY unhappy!), the ones that are there for me ALL the time!!!! They love me no matter what, and put up with all of me! I can tell them anything and they will help me to the very best of their ability. Friends truly are a gift from God and I thank Him for all of you!!! :)

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