Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The day the earth stood still

This post might look like a million other American's posts, but I do not think anyone will mind...
 Eleven years ago today at 6:46 in the morning the twin towers were hit by terrorists. I was eight years old. I did not know what the twin towers were, yet alone what terrorists were or why they would do anything like this to my country. I remember so vividly awaking with a start and knowing that something was different. I saw video after video, the smoke, the shock, the screams, the tears, the death. It was one of the longest days of my life, and I can remember where I have been almost every September 11 since then. Every year something specific sticks out to make me go back to that day. Today when I was getting ready for my day and for class and all that, I was watching the news for a bit and they were holding a moment of silence to remember 9/11. They rang a bell to begin the moment of silence and I would almost swear that the earth stood still again for that moment in time. In that moment that day came back to me like a rush, and I could not help but shed some tears. If that day had not happened I know that my life would most likely look different. I would still have friends around who left to defend from future attacks, I might not have gotten so involved in sending care packages to our troops, I might not have become to interested in learning about other people and cultures...so many things would most likely look different in my life, and I cannot even begin to describe how or why....

Thank you to those who risked their lives that fateful day to save others. Thank you to those who laid down their lives on that day and since then to protect and defend this country and its members. Thank You Lord for this country!


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