Tuesday, August 21, 2012


To all of you who read my blog I am so sorry for slacking off! I love to write, but I have sadly not been writing very much! Anyway, as usual I shall ramble on about different things and hope that you all aren't to terribly bored, though if you are you can go on FB or something and leave this so I suppose I shall continue for those of you who care to read about my life :)
UNM (University of New Mexico AKA: University Near Mom AKA (this one is from the jocks) University of Gnarly Men.. and so the list continues) started on Monday and I had seven and a half hours worth of classes and I was at UNM for about nine hours total. Made for a bit of a long day, but I was pretty excited about my classes. To those who do not know I am an elementary ed major so my field is teaching and this semester is my core curriculum so I am finally getting into all the teaching classes and programs and I get to start help teaching an actual class of fourth graders this year! :D I am soooo excited beyond belief to start in my program! To really start learning more about kids, how they learn and how to teach! And I get to put it into practice! The possibilities! Anymore teaching is considered a profession for those who might want an easy degree or those who can deal with kids and not the real world and stuff like that, but there is a LOT that goes into teaching so let me dissuade any stereotypes and all that! A teacher has to be on their feet all day, they have to keep a classroom of maybe forty children engaged, make sure they don't fight and make sure they all learn what they are supposed to. We have to make it fun, we have to make sure that the kids survival needs are being met. As for dealing with people how many of you have thought of the parents?!?! Angry parents, happy parents, confused parents... there are a lot of different types of parents and they will speak their minds to teachers... Anyway, it may not seem like much, but I am SO happy to be given the opportunity to teach! It is not granted to many. There are approximately sixty students (out of possibly hundreds) who were chosen to go through this program. Sixty of us chosen as the educators of tomorrow. Again, it may not seem like much, but God has richly blessed me ^_^ <3

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  1. So excited to hear more from you, Hannah! I'm so excited for all these new opportunities you have. :)