Monday, July 11, 2011


Most of us know the history of sin. Sin entered the world when Eve ate of the tree and Adam likewise. (Though technically Eve sinned before then because she told a lie). When talking to different people it is amazing how many will say that it is Eves fault, or "it was that woman" or something to the effect of "I don't think that I would have cursed us all with sin by doing such a stupid thing as eating from a tree." Lets face the facts though.. Everyday we give into temptation, EVERYDAY! We sin everyday. Even the "good things" we do only count for filthy rags. Yet Eve seems to be the name that is almost synonymous with sin. Why should she be held accountable when all of us do as she did? We don't fight sin. We might use the excuse saying that it is in our nature, but if we don't fight temptation then we are doing the same thing as Eve. In some of the studies I have been involved in as of lat,e the topics have been death, life, salvation, and what happens after death
Death: On this topic I hate to inform you all, but... the number one cause of termination is death. We all know that death is a fact of life (rather ironic saying though...). We all must succumb to death. So much more could be said on death, but the basic part is we all die.
Life: In a song by SuperChik they say that "everyone dies, but not everyone lives." Sooooo true! We all die in the end, but how many people truly live?? When I say truly live I mean how many people live for Christ? How many people are actually alive during life?
Salvation: No one comes to the Father, but through Christ. The only way to be saved is through the cross, through the blood that was spilled on our accounts.
What happens after death: Depends on where your treasure is. If your treasure is here on earth then enjoy those treasures while you can because where you are going they will melt and/or burn. If you are among the saved then rejoice and do not be afraid of death. It has no sting. For the saints their treasure is in heaven where nothing can destroy it and no one can take it away, but much more importantly that is where God is.

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