Thursday, October 21, 2010

Half was done!!! (with this semester)

Well, I made it half way through!!! YAY!!!! College is going really well right now!!! I LOVE history! Psychology is starting to get more interesting. I discovered my ENG teacher doesn't actually hate me, she just wants to push me cause she actually thinks I have some talent writing!!!!! :) Math is... math lol. Spanish is going well, just a TON to learn!!! I think that is all my classes...
I went to my CNM counselor this week and I found out that is just a little over a year I can start a job as a substitute teacher!!! Kinda scary, but I am excited! I should be done with CNM in about a year, maybe a semester more, but about a year. Things are starting to get pretty exciting! :) And everything is going well (except my lunch just burned in the microwave), but please continue to lift me up in your prayers! <3 <3 <3