Sunday, October 16, 2011

I look up

I look up as if waiting for an answer, but the clouds don't reply.
I don't expect them to, but I do expect another voice.
A voice that hears not only my voice, but hears my heart.
This voice knows me inside and out and before my heart cries He knows.

I look around me and I feel empty.
What fills my life?
Who fills my mind?
Again I look up to find my answer.
When I look around I am empty.
I find longing in looking around me.
I long for things that I can't fully describe, but they are not mine.
I look up.

I look down.
My head is hung.
My eyes are filled.
My heart cries out.
Those around me do not hear.
I look up.

When I look up I am filled.
I am made whole.
I am loved.
No one can hold me like I am held when I look up.

My life has been crazy lately..... but even in the midst of everything I know that He loves me. :)


  1. Nice poem, Hannah! I found one earlier today that's very similar to this; I thought you would like it.

    I don't look back: God knows the fruitless efforts,
    The wasted hours the sinning, the regrets;
    I leave them all with Him Who blots the record,
    And mercifully forgives, and then forgets.

    I don't look forward, God sees all the future,
    The road that, short or long, will lead me home,
    And He will face with me its every trial,
    And bear for me the burdens that may come.

    I don't look round me: then would fears assail me,
    So wild the tumult of earth's restless seas;
    So dark the world, so filled with woe and evil,
    So vain the hope of comfort or of ease.

    I don't look in; for then am I most wretched;
    Myself has naught on which to stay my trust;
    Nothing I see save failures and short-comings,
    And weak endeavors crumbling into dust.

    But I look up—into the face of Jesus
    For there my heart can rest, my fears are stilled;
    And there is joy, and love, and light for darkness,
    And perfect peace, and every hope fulfilled.

    -- Annie Johnson Flint

  2. Hey, I awarded you on my blog! :)