Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oy vey! :)

Well, finished another semester of college!!! HALLELUJAH! And even better I am DONE taking math classes!! :) It isn't that I am not good at math. I am pretty good at it, I just have never really liked it... :P :) Anyway, I am done with that and soon enough I will be done with my current University and transferring to a new one! Assuming I get my acceptance that is. It is amazing how fast everything has gone by! Just under a year ago I was starting my first term as a college student, and now I will soon be in a classroom (I am studying to get my B.S. Ed. or Bachelors of Science in Education.. or more simply a major in Elementary Education). There is so much to do, so much yet so little time. Time is such a precious thing, and God has made me more aware of it. I often times seem to be looking to much into the future to see what I have now. There are things I long for for my future, but my future is happening right now! It is a weird thought if you have hours to pour into thinking about it, but really your future is going to be made up of the decisions and plans that you make now. I know that that has been said before, but until you start thinking about it, and living it it is just a saying and nothing more. Time is of the essence, but at the say time don't be so overwhelmed with the future and what it hold that you don't hold on to what you have right now. I know that i struggle with this, and thank goodness I serve a loving God who, even though He knows how stupid I am/can be He still loves me and teaches  me. Also though, I have so many friends whom I have talked to recently who just can't wait to be done with things in their lives and I am not talking about being done with math class, things that are much more important. They can't wait to not be single any longer, they can't wait to move away from their parents, they can't wait for.... etc. Fill in your own blank. I love what Corrie-Ten-Boom said when she said "Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God." No one knows for sure what their future holds, life can change in the blink of an eye, and I know this fact all to well. Don't miss the present for the future.

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