Saturday, January 15, 2011


A new year!!!! But the year is one of many things that is new so far for me....
So far all of my classes are off to a good start! I am taking 5 classes.
1) Sociology, so far interesting, and the teacher seems pretty nice, and fair.
2) History!!! LOVE IT!! Same teacher as last semester, just different class. He is an amazing teacher!!
3) Modern Music Appreciation... the title is very misleading!!! Basically we just listen to music and learn some about music theory... The teacher is a little quircky, but nice. :)
4) English II... so far very interesting.... my teacher is a burly German woman, whose name, and personality are interesting... I am not quiet sure what to think of her yet, but she seems kinds :)
5) Math for Teachers II and I do believe the last math I ever have to take!!! ^_^ A good friend that I made last semester is in the same class, so we went together. Our teacher is this really nice hippy lady... she seems to be very fair, but does require that you do the work :)
There is soooo much that could be said!!!!! But alas it is late and I should be going to bed :P Welcome 2011!

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