Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Hey All!
Please be praying for my teachers! In English after I submitted a paper about how I want to be remembered when I die (she picked the topic) she called me and in a not so happy voice asked me if I had to see everything through a Christ lense... I was surprised at the question but I immediately told her yes! I see everything through Christ because He IS my life! He is everything to me! She doesn't really want me to mention Christ anymore. She said I can if I have to, but she would prefer I "expand my horizons". Although at the beginning of the term she said that she was tolerant of all religions and everyone would be accepted no matter what they believed or what their view points are.... ya.... She also gave us a set of questions to speak on in class and one of them was What is your greatest joy in life? :D I was able to tell everyone that Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior in my greatest treasure, pleasure, and joy in life. Please pray that I would continue to be bold enough to share Christ. That I would not back down. That God would use me in this class! Pray that God would open more doors!!! 

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